We’re not old fashioned, but we recognise traditional values. Old school customer service, the way we’d expect to be looked after.  We are Adam Yaffé and Sandra Carney.  An experienced, talented and friendly duo. We have one goal in mind…. to give you the best images and a great experience to remember!

“With nearly 40 years experience between us in portrait photography, we’ve learnt a thing or two about what people want.  You want the best, you want a fabulous service, with integrity, courtesy and honesty.  It’s the way we’d want it too!”

Adam Yaffé. ABIPP ARPS

I love photography and creativity, it’s in my blood… literally.  My dad, Paul Yaffé, who taught me everything I know is a photographer and his dad was one too!  So growing up around cameras and the smell of films and processing chemicals really initiated my desire to work in this incredible industry. I never had it easy though.  My dad would always push me and never let me consider a portrait as perfect.  There always was and still always is room for improvement. I am forever learning and perfecting my skills and he taught me to always want to be better.

As a professional photographer for over 25 years, I have photographed people from all over the world and met literally thousands of interesting families.  I have made friends and built relationships from people I would never have normally had the opportunity to even meet without my camera.  I feel I can now truly say I’ve seen it all and nothing scares or surprises me!

Adam Yaffe & Paul Yaffe

I really am very lucky to love my job, not everyone is as fortunate as me. I usually get to work with people at very happy times, perhaps during a celebration of a wonderful moment in people’s lives. I’m often one of the first people to meet newborn babies, before the rest of the family!  I occasionally get to see toddlers take their first steps and see their parent’s joy and surprise. I watch children grow up and change as they revisit my studio through the years. I experience the tender love and commitment young couples make when they decide to spend the rest of their lives together.  In recent years, I have even started to photograph young children whose parents I photographed when they were the same age!  Truly a multi-generational photographer!

Many of the people I have had in my studio, lovingly refer to me as ‘the child whisperer’!

This comes from the countless instances where parents have said to me something along the lines of, ‘Oh good luck with this one, you’re going to need it!’ followed by me then magically getting their child to do things they didn’t think possible!

I actually really enjoy the challenge!

Seeing the finished result of a beautiful portrait in the hands of the parents and watching them well up with the enormously happy emotion of it all gives me a great sense of pride and wellbeing.

Adam and 4 yr old ‘Tabitha’ enjoying a teddy bear’s tea party

Sadly, it’s not always so happy… occasionally I’m photographing families with a family member who we know won’t be around for more than a few weeks or months which is incredibly hard to deal with.   Too many times, I have had to create a family portrait with an enormous emotional gap as an integral member of their family has already passed away too early.

in these devastating instances, we sometimes use an existing old image of the deceased person, subtly and delicately placed within the design of the image so they are never forgotten whilst remaining an important part of the family portrait. Whilst this is devastatingly sad, I also realise the importance and value of the what we will create, the trust that is put in me and the lasting memories it will provide.  To be a part of those days, is a great honour and humbling experience.

The days I am in the studio isn’t even like work to me, it’s usually just like having fun, being creative and meeting some amazing people from all over the world.

I especially love the opportunity presented when meeting people from other parts of the world and get to learn something about their culture.

I have a lot of fun in my photo shoots and I love the sound of the laughter that is so often heard around the building.

My loyal dog Buddy, my best friend and companion, travels to work with me most days and loves to meet people when he’s not barking at passing cats or fetching his beloved tennis ball!

People are often interested in what camera I use or what kind of lenses I prefer taking pictures with.  Truth be told, the equipment doesn’t particularly excite me, it’s the subject that’s far more interesting. I get excited by an unusual location or finding the perfect time in the day when the sunlight is just perfect!  As it happens, my favourite camera is the one one that’s always with me; my iPhone! It’s always there and always takes great images whenever I need it!

When I’m not taking pictures of people, I’ll usually be knee deep in Photoshop producing something gorgeous on my Apple Mac computer.  I love everything Apple and tend to be a bit geeky about it.  OK, a lot geeky!  I actually love all technology and always want the latest gadget.  I also have an endless love for dogs and eating, although not necessarily in that order!  I have two beautiful teenage children who have taught me a lot about patience and emotions.  Whilst I could easily have killed them both a hundred times over, the reality is I don’t know what I would do without them.  I’m very proud of them both and have some beautiful and irreplaceable portraits of them both that I will treasure forever.

Adams kids Sam & Lulu


So, a little bit about me…. Where do I start! I have had a varied background from running a marketing department, owning a clothes business & training as a make up artist!

Sandra and her late mum, Brenda.

My first experience of the brand ‘Yaffe’ was when Paul Yaffé had a gallery in Wayfarers Arcade in Southport town centre. I walked past many times & looked at the beautiful images in the window and always vowed that when I had children I would have a Yaffé portrait on my wall. I still have my first Yaffé portrait of my gorgeous daughters on my wall some 24 years later.  I joke with my clients & say if ever the house caught fire, the first thing I’d grab would be my Yaffé portraits as they are moments in time you never get back.

I too am fortunate to have a job I love.  To be honest, the famous quote ‘Do a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life’ applies to me!

The pleasure of showing people their images & helping them choose their favourites to be turned into works of art for their home is an absolute delight.  We generally meet clients at the happiest points in their lives but sometimes sad times to.  I laugh with my clients & cry with them too.  A lot of my lovely clients have become good friends over the years which is an added bonus.

I have two beautiful daughters & two gorgeous grandsons who I adore. Throughout my life, I think I have experienced pretty much everything and encountered every emotion going, so I feel very able to empathise with all my clients and better understand their needs.  I’m a wife, mum & grandma and have sadly lost my own mum.  So I’ve pretty much seen or heard it all and nothing really phases me.

Adam and I have worked together for some 25 years before Paul, his father, retired out to Spain back in 2012, at which time we took over the company and moved to our new town centre premises.  What a glorious time I’ve had and what a lucky lady I am!

Sandra’s Grandson’s Alfie & Barnie