A photo shoot at Yaffé photography is structured in such a way so that you don’t have to worry about anything. We’ll hold your hand throughout and take care of all the little details, so you don’t have to.

You don’t need to be concerned about your children. Our collective wealth of experience over 50 years, enables us to confidently handle any situation thrown at us!  We use a clever mix of entertainment and child psychology to achieve perfect expression in our portraits.  Although you may not believe us, kids and teens leave the studio wanting more!!

A photo shoot at Yaffé Photography isn’t scary or daunting, it’s fun and enjoyable!  That’s why people who experience a Yaffé photo shoot come back time and time again. When the day comes for your photo shoot appointment, arrive a little early and we’ll stick the kettle on and make a brew, or maybe the nerves have taken hold and a glass or two of wine might hit the spot!  We’ll chat with you about what we’re going to do, take a look at some samples and discuss some great ideas together.  We suggest you bring a select of clothes with you.  At the beginning of your shoot, your photographer will go through the clothes with you to help choose the best co-ordinating outfits, so that you all look great in your images.  Try to bring clothes which you consider to be flattering.  Remember, with more than one person in the picture, you will want to make sure the choice of colours or designs of the clothes look good together.

During the photo shoot, we’ll take the lead, direct and demonstrate everything in an easy way.  It’s not like stuff you’ve seen on TV or in the movies, we don’t expect you to ‘model’ or bounce around the room doing embarrassing things.  That just isn’t going to happen.  It will be fun, relaxing and memorable.  We usually take pictures in a few different positions and shapes, but we will demonstrate everything first and then carefully ensure everything looks right before actually taking any pictures. It really is quick and painless, we promise!  If it’s a family, typically we’ll photograph you together first, then maybe break it down to pictures of just the children. It’s up to you of course.

After the photo shoot, we’ll invite you back to view the images in our ‘Cinema Room’ where we can narrow the selection of images down to your favourites and talk about designs and styles that would be most appropriate for your home and personal style of décor. You’ll see all the different products we offer and we’ll help ensure you make the right choices for your home.  Portraits also make excellent gifts for other family members, you can bring them with to help choose if you want.  There’s eight comfy seats in our mini cinema!

Our portraits are normally finished on a modern block board, but if you want it different, tell us how you’d like it, and we’ll find a solution to suit you. You may want a more traditional look in a frame, perhaps it’s to be embellished with beautiful Swarovski crystals, maybe a stylish book of images, or perhaps you have a bespoke requirement. We will endeavour to create whatever you want. If we don’t have it, we’ll try and find it!  Our aim is to work with you, to create the perfect portraits to suit your home and personal style.

You can call us anytime, or just pop in for chat to discuss any queries or special requests you may have before visiting us.  We’ll try our best and accommodate anything you throw at us.  Well, not literally!

Nancie's Photoshoot

A family portrait

Jonah & Jasper's Photoshoot

Saffron, Lilia & Eliza's Photoshoot