Studio Tour

If you’re curious to know what’s inside our wonderful building, take our video tour and see everything!

You’ll get to see our huge studio where we take the pictures and visit the luxurious cinema room, complete with popcorn machine.

Finally take a look around our production department as well.

Get to see more of what we do, including some exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ footage of real photoshoots!

Here’s gorgeous little Nancie during her first Yaffe photoshoot.  Nancie couldn’t stop laughing through her time in the studio, with mum and dad watching from the side.

Nancie's Photoshoot

A family group

In this time-lapse video, we see how Adam Yaffe creatively puts two family groups together and then see the finished results.

Putting a great shape together, to look natural and attractive doesn’t ‘just happen’!  It takes years of practice and the understanding of how to position people of all different shapes and heights to ensure everybody not only fits together, but also looks fabulous!

Two utterly divine ‘cheeky monkeys’ capture of hearts and our imagination in this video.  Jonah & Jasper are no strangers to our studios and their family have been visiting us for portraits since they were babies.

In this video, we see our ‘bed’ scene where we encourage the use of pyjamas and teddy bears to create the ultimate in bedtime cuteness.  We use some handy psychological methods to helpfully get the children to do as we want without them realising.

They are having so much, they forget where they are and play along with our imaginative games without any difficulty.

Jonah & Jasper's Photoshoot

Saffron, Lilia & Eliza's Photoshoot

Watch Saffron, Lilia and Eliza enjoy their first Yaffe photoshoot experience.

During their shoot, the girls used two different outfits, one a more dressy look, the other, casual with jeans.

No matter which outfit, the images created were spectacular and the three pretty sisters all looked beautiful.

At Yaffé Photography, we consider ourselves unique in that we produce all our own work in our ‘in-house’ production department.

From the printing to the finished result, we can ensure complete and total satisfaction.

Our quality control is extremely high to guarantee your portraits are flawless and look perfect in your home

Perfectionist at heart, Adam won’t let any portrait leave unless it meets the high standards that our studio insists.

 In this video, we see how our portraits are put through each process.

Our 'in-house' production department