Newborn babies are the epitome of cuteness. Their innocent and pure faces present a picture of calmness and love. Capturing this precious and short stage in a child’s life is one of the most important to achieve and it’s beauty will never fade.

We ask that babies are photographed in our warm and calm studio within the first 5-7days from birth for the optimum result. We take care of every detail so you really don’t have to do anything apart from feeding breaks.

There are many different ways a newborn baby can be photographed inclusive of all sorts of fun props and unusual positions. However, at Yaffé Photography, we choose to take a classic, timeless and simple style of beauty in our newborn portraits that you will never tire of and will never go out of fashion.

Due to the nature of a newborn shoot, we try to book as much time as possible for the shoot as they can take up to three or more hours! The general rule of thumb is, the younger the baby, the less time it takes. Depending on the type of portrait you wish to achieve, your baby has to be deeply asleep for us to be able to pose them into relaxed looking positions. This requires time and patience, but can also provide you with some much needed rest and relaxation as well!

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