It’s not always about portraits!  We know how to party, especially kid’s parties!

We have become well known for our photoshoot and cinema parties where your child get’s to party with their best friends and enjoy two hours of pure fun and hilarity!

Typically our parties are for small groups of around 8-10 grown up kids.  They usually start with a ‘cocktail’ reception whilst everyone arrives in their favourite dresses! This is then followed with the walk down the famous pink carpet to the studio where we will indulge their modelling fantasies with a fun photoshoot that usually involves much screaming and jumping on each other!

After the photoshoot is completed, all the friends make their way into our luxurious cinema room to watch their choice of film.  Whether it be a recent blockbuster or an old favourite, we can accommodate their wishes. They will sit down in one of the original cinema seats and enjoy unlimited popcorn and even fizzy drinks!  About half way through the film, food arrives which is usually fresh hot pizza delivered in boxes!

All the way through the film, behind the scenes, we are cleverly editing their images to create a stunning bespoke designed image designed around their choice of party theme.  Each child receives their own framed print to take home at the end of the party.  But not before a loud rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ with the obligatory blowing out of the candles of course!

Not all parties are the same, each one is completely bespoke with an endless list of exciting and fun possibilities.

One such party is a ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’.

This involves the whole studio being transformed into an Alice’s Wonderland!

It includes a grassy lawn for games including crazy croquet!

We put on a huge tea party including sandwiches and oddly coloured drinks in teapots.

None other than Alice and the Mad Hatter can make an appearance as well with some crazy shenanigans!

Typically, dependent on ages, parents leave the children and go off for some relaxed time in a local bar or restaurant.  We take care of everything for you, so you don’t have to worry.  The party is entirely private and we close the doors to anyone else.  The children love having the freedom to run around without parents nagging them the whole time!  Although we do ensure they behave of course!

You can even choose to have custom designed party invites created by us, all these services and much more are available to you.

To find out more and to check availability for your party, call Yaffé Photography on 01704 545010 or use our contact page by clicking HERE